spain analog #4

market in VILAFRANCA del Penedes. analog shot
Well,some few words about me: I just started this whole blog thing .After I droped out of my photography studies i felt horrible and i was afraid.There was this one question in my head shineing like a flashy advertising ,,am I good enough?" It seemed like I would never ever touch my camera again.BUT:Quite recently I found an old camera at the fleamarket and that was the point when I felt like I was touched by a fairy. Shame on me this is incredibly cheesy. But that´s the way it is and how the story with "SAINTS FELICITAS" started.I really want to make this like a visual diary of my digital and analog photographs.I´m trying my best to keep on uploading pictures regularly. Therefore I really hope it could become a way to communicate & colloborate with you other people with open eyes and an open heart.